Screening Forms

What Documentation Should I Bring?

It is important for the success of your application to come prepared.
Each document we mention below is very important.

Bring to screening the following (click on the + sign to expand): 




You need to bring

  • RSA residence: original passport still valid for 12 months from screening date.
  • Non-RSA residence: RSA work/residential permit or legal permission to be in South Africa. Valid for at least 12 months from date of screening.
  • Two copies of your permanent original passport.

Countries that do not need RSA visa/permit in order to apply for a visa to Nigeria

  • Lesotho, Seychelles, Madagascar, Swaziland, Mauritius
  • Ecowas countries – do not require visa to enter Nigeria
  • Others: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote Divoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger,  Senegal, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Togo.

Any other country

For visa purposes we assist South Africans, or people living in South Africa with valid working, residential or student permits. If you live in another country kindly you need to apply directly on website.



Medical Reports



EVERYBODY that comes to screening must have a medical report that state the following 3 things on the report. This is the standard report everybody must have:



Blood pressure reading for example: 120/60. If you have Hypertension, the report must state the word “Hypertension” and if it is controlled and well managed or not.
BLOOD SUGAR Blood sugar reading for example: 5 mmol/L. Rapid finger tests are accepted. If you Diabetic, the report must state the word “Diabetic”, if it is controlled and well managed as well as if you use insulin dependent injections.
HIV STATUS HIV status. The doctor can do a rapid finger test and state on medical report non-reactive. If Reactive a different report is needed. See the HIV Prayer line menu bar for more information.
MINOR CHILDREN Children who apply to visit SCOAN must also get a medical report stating that they are mentally and physically healthy. If not, their problems need to be stated on the report.
All medical reports must have the following standard:

  • clearly indicate your full names and surname as per PASSPORT
  • original medical doctor letterhead not older than 3 months
  • stamped and signed by medical doctor
  • be typed, not hand written (you, us and SCOAN must be able to read the report)

In addition to the above-mentioned… if you have specific health conditions then you must ensure your report includes and states your specific condition. Below are some examples, but all health conditions, irrespective if we sited it below or not must be mentioned on your medical report.

Bleeding Medical report stating how much bleeding? If during stooling mention is it every time? How much blood? E.g.: teaspoon, or half a cup? How does it affect you?

Medical report stating excessive bleeding during or between periods? How much? How does it affect you?

Enlarged prostate Medical report stating enlarged prostate. (Is it malignant?) How does it affect you?
Muscle cramps Medical report stating muscle cramps
Back problem Medical report must state back problem. Doctor need to diagnose and explain the problem and how serious and severe it is.


Two documents are required:

  1. Internal scanned picture that show the problem.
  2. Medical report that interpret the scanned picture, the size and the number if, for example, fibroids.
Infertility The causes and diagnoses must be mentioned on the medical reports. Women medical report need to state if the fallopian tubes are blocked or if you have fibroids. Or any other diagnoses as to the reason for infertility? You must obtain and submit a scan of the womb, with a medical report interpreting the scan. Men are required to state reason for infertility. Men must obtain sperm count, and explanation and interpretation of the sperm count.
Cancer Medical report stating cancer, what type of cancer and how the cancer affect you and current treatment?
Eczema Medical report need to mention Eczema and which area of the skin is infected. How severe is the eczema?
Anaemia Medical report stating Anaemia, how does it affect you? Explain if you ever fainted because of anaemia?
Asthma Medical report stating Asthma, and how you are affected by asthma? Do you use an asthma pump? How many times a day? Other medication? What happens when you have an asthma attack? Have you ever been hospitalized for asthma? If yes when? Ever fainted/blackout due to asthma? If yes when?
Gout Medical report stating Gout. How severe is the gout? How does the gout affect you daily and when is the gout active? What activates the gout? How often are you affected with gout? Can you walk normal when gout is acute?
Lump Medical report stating lump and where the lump is. What is the cause? State if lump is cancerous or malignant. What is the size of the lump?
Baldness Medical report stating baldness. Stating also diagnosis/cause for the hair loss.
Heart problems Medical report stating heart problems and exactly what the problem is, the diagnoses and conclusion. Also list all symptoms, treatments and medications. Can you stand for long. Do you feel dizzy and out of breath?
Liver problem Medical report stating liver problems and exactly what the problem is. Also list all symptoms, treatments and medications.
Kidney problem Medical report stating kidney problems and exactly what the problem is. Also list all symptoms, treatments and medications.
Anxiety Medical report stating anxiety and how it affects you daily. What is the cause?






Indemnity Forms




Download the form below, print, complete and bring to screening


Minor Children

Minor children who’s parents  are applying – need to bring required documents.

Visa application requirements and documents required at check-in of each flight:

  • Only unabridged birth certificates are accepted. Apply for an unabridged birth certificate in time for it take +- 6 weeks to obtain from home affairs.
  • Consent letters from both parents with their passport data page or I.D attached