For you to be screened:

To come to screening you must …

  • Have finances already available when you apply. Although it is payable after invitation it must be ready at application. See “Timeline and cost” heading for more information.
  • Be able to travel within the next 3 months.
  • Have an original RSA passport valid for at least 12 months from date of screening. Or you must have a valid RSA work/residential permit.
  • Have a certain health level to travel without support and can climb 5 floor building every day 3+ times a day. Have no open wounds, not pregnant, not limping or find it difficult to walk or walk without support, not paralyzed or very weak. If you are you need to follow the individual application process with SCOAN on You can also contact the SCOAN prayer warriors. Find their numbers under “contact us” on One of your family members are welcome to apply with us and take your pictures with for prayer.
  • Bring to screening an original medical doctors letter, not older than 3 months. Every applicant irrespective if you sick or not must a medical letter. The letter must be stamp and signed by doctor and state your
    1. Blood pressure reading, the doctor must state the reading for example: 120/60. If you have Hypertension, it must be stated “Hypertension” on the medical report with your BP reading.
    2. Blood sugar reading, doctor must state the reading for example: 5 mmol/L. Rapid finger tests are accepted. If you Diabetic, the report must sate Diabetic” “with the reading.
    3. HIV status. We accept a rapid finger test result; the doctor doesn’t need to draw blood. If your status is negative, the doctor need to state it on the report. If your status is HIV positive you need to follow the instructions for “HIV+ status”.
  • If you have any other medical condition it must be stated on the medical letter from doctor!
  • If you applied with another coordinator and SCOAN told you to hold on, you need to wait at least 6 months before you apply again.

Note on Yellow Fever vaccination and Malaria: Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is compulsory to pass through immigration in Nigeria and South Africa. Note that your injection must be done 10 days before travel date! Vaccination is valid for 10 years. Malaria: Lagos is malaria declared area. The taking of anti-malaria tablets is optional, if taken consult your doctor on the side effects. You may also consider taking products like “Tabard” or “Peaceful Sleep”. Only obtain Yellow Fever vaccination and Malaria tables AFTER you have been invited.

Screening Locations

Only people we screen will be considered to visit SCOAN. When you apply you need to indicate which location is the closest to you:

  • Pretoria
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Polokwane (depending on demand confirm with us)
  • Knysna (depending on demand confirm with us)

Times and venues will be confirmed with people who apply.

During the screening

During screening we will have the opportunity to meet each other:

  • We will discuss your reason you want to visit SCOAN
  • Take a full length picture of you
  • Take a video clip of you walking
  • Take a picture of your medical report
  • Take a picture of your passport and/or work/residential permit
  • Verify all your personal information
  • Collect 2 passport photos from you
  • Collect a copy of your passport and medical report.

What Documents Do I need?

A complete guide what documents to bring for screening

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