If you have been at SCOAN HIV prayer line already you must NOT get a report again. You can only be prayed for ONCE for HIV at SCOAN. Kindly inform us when we screen you.

If it is your first time to apply for HIV prayer line, note there are very specific requirements SCOAN. Take care and take time to read this information diligently to ensure you only go once to the hospital to obtain the correct report.

Print this document to make sure that your medical blood results have all 10 requirements as mentioned.

We do not accept a medical letter and blood test results from private doctors! We only accept a letter on the letterhead from an official Government hospital laboratory or LANCET.


  1. be on Government hospital / LANCET letterhead
  2. be an original document
  3. be typed and NOT hand written,
  4. NOT be older than three months,
  5. indicate that it is HIV confirmatory or final report,
  6. clearly indicating your full PASSPORT names and surname,
  7. state that you were “tested and confirmed” to be HIV positive
  8. clearly indicating the type of HIV you have e.g. HIV 1, HIV1& 2
  9. be stamped by the Laboratory (not the doctor)
  10. be signed by the Laboratory (not the doctor)


Medical report with LANCET

  1. Two tests are needed:
  2. First test with 4th generation HIV-1/2 ELISA test CODE number is H455
  3. Second repeat testing on a second blood sample is needed before final confirmed HIV diagnoses can be done. The result of the second test will show CONFIRMED. Test again with 4th generation HIV-1/2 ELISA test CODE number is You will get two different batch numbers for each test. Lancet staff must link the two results together to generate the correct report.
  4. The report you send must be after the second test were done and CONFIRMED HIV Status.

Medical report with Government hospital

  1. Government hospital must state that the person was tested and confirmed to be HIV 1 or HIV 2.
  2. The lab results must be send separate which support the letter.
  3. The information of cd count and treatment should be on separate document.